This baby is about one week old, its eyes are still shut, but its skin is going grey and there are brown spines amongst the first white ones which are coarser than the first brown ones.


These Hoglets are about 4 week's old. Their eyes have been open for about 2 weeks. They are starting to eat solids (baby rusk).  They have fur on their faces and tummies and they have a complete covering of brown spines on their backs. The one in front is marked with pink nail varnish on its spines, so it can be distinguished from it's sibling for weighing and monitoring progress.


By 6 week's old, the hoglet's are independent and leave Mum at around 8 week's old.


This hoglet is "self anointing" he has encountered a new taste or smell and so he produces lots of saliva and licks himself on the back. In this case the saliva is green because it was the nasturtium leaves which provoked the self anointing.











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