Garden as organically as you can, let hedgehogs and other wildlife be your pest controllers. Please don’t use any chemicals, slug pellets or weedkillers. Leave at least one corner a little bit “wild” with plenty of ground cover and arching shrubs for them to nest under. You will attract more insects and birds if you plant native species which have nectar rich flowers and berries to eat. If you do have to strim, please take extra care with dense undergrowth, strim to knee height first, check for hedgehogs and then cut lower if required. Sweep your grass cuttings and dry leaves under your hedge or shed so they can easily build a winter nest there. 



Dig a wildlife pond with gently sloping edges, this is a wonderful bonus for all sorts of wild creatures. Please make sure that hedgehogs and other animals can get out easily if they fall in by providing escape ramps made from stones, rough wood or wire netting.


Always provide water on the ground and put out cat or dog food if you have hedgehogs visiting provided there are no rats. You can put the food under an upturned wooden box with a 4”/10cm hole cut in one side to discourage cats or dogs from eating it before the hedgehogs get thereHow do you know there are hogs in your garden? Look for their droppings.


PS: Spot the deliberate error! These photos were posed, the hedgehogs should not be eating from your food bowls in daylight!


Enjoy the hedgehogs which visit your garden at night! Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about hedgehogs.









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